Good Goings: November edition

Hey, welcome to Good Goings! A hopefully regular-ish series where I’ll celebrate some stuff that has happened or is yet to happen in the otaku sphere. The world can bring us down sometimes so it’s important to kick back, relax and remind ourselves of the things we’re happy about. It feels like it’s never been a better time to be a geek nowadays so pop on the kettle and let’s get cracking with what goodies have come up this month…

Another month goes by and more Kickstarters have popped up. One that has caught my eye is Romancelvania [PS4/PS5/Switch/PC], which as you can probably guess is a dating sim x metroidvania ship. Play as Drac on the pull for stakes and steaks in a reality show a la The Bachelor. The kickstarter is in the last stretches with some way to go until they hit their goal, so show them some love if you’re interested!

Can you believe it – yet another month of Otome goodies! Code Realize: Wintertide Memories arriving on the Switch in early 2021 with standard and limited edition copies. The limited edition includes some adorable chibi buttons and a keychain of Cardia rocking her winter costume.

Another port Switching is Steam Prison coming February 25, 2021 with some additional features like new character songs, CG rewards, and story content according to Gematsu.
Want something steamy before the wintry chill settles in? Good news, Mangagamer has announced preorders for Fxxx Me Royally!! – Horny Magical Princess [PC] (yes, what a name) on December 17, 2020. This game sees an otherworldly princess trying to score a husband on Earth in rather…unconventional ways. I found Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, Kalmia8’s other raunchy otome, absolutely hilarious and a refreshing option for the thirstier among us, so this is definitely another for my wishlist!

Last otome I swear… Our Life: Beginnings & Always  [PC] is finally here! GB Patch Games is building a reputation for charming, character-focused visual novels and this game follows suit with a story about the player growing up with their childhood friend over four summers and fifteen years. The base game is free with additional DLC, which adds extra scenes, protagonist customizability and artwork. 

The Switch is just blazing through milestones. With 61.44 million worldwide sales as of Nintendo’s latest financial report (thanks Nintendo Life), the Switch is almost undoubtedly going to beat Nintendo’s second best-selling home console, the NES with 61.91 million sales. How many of those numbers were due to Animal Crossing? Will it hold up against the Wii’s staggering 100+ million sales? Who knows, but long live our favourite handheld/home console hybrid!

For fans of farming sims, action RPGs, and Japanese aesthetics, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin [PS4/Switch/PC] is now available. Follow the redemption of Sakuna, a lazy harvest goddess, whose return to the heavens is reliant on how well you can cultivate rice. With a gorgeous pastel painterly style and interesting take on Japanese mythology, this looks to be a bumper crop. 

Still ploughing through the depths of Stardew Valley? Hold your horses because Update 1.5 is coming soon according to a tweet from ConcernedApe. It seems that this ‘big’ update is adding mostly late game content to once again endanger any semblance of free time.  

Let’s round out this month’s GGs with a turn for the bizarre. Remember Hetalia: Axis Powers? That bonkers don’t-quote-this-in-history-class webcomic turned manga/anime series about personified countries during World War II? Well, vehhh! Hetalia World Stars is airing an anime adaptation in Spring 2021 according to Tokyo Otaku Mode. The first anime was a so-bad-it’s-good guilty pleasure and I can’t wait to dive into the series’ stereotypical shenanigans again. 

There you go. A bunch of things that put a smile on my face and hopefully yours too. Let me know about your own Good Goings in the comments and have a great day!

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Long-time lurker turned blogging newb. Lover of all things otaku but especially JRPGs, anime and manga. Always adding something to the backlog. Probably descending into K-Pop hell right now.

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