Good Goings: December edition

Hey, welcome to Good Goings! A hopefully regular-ish series where I’ll celebrate some stuff that has happened or is yet to happen in the otaku sphere. 

Sorry for the delay in new posts. IRL stuff put a spanner in my already irregular schedule but I’m hoping to get back onto the saddle soon. I have a post on DS hidden gems coming up and I’m planning reviews for some excellent indie mystery games, as well as a feature to wrap up the year so please look forward to them! 

It’s the end of a very troubling year for everyone and I’m sure many people’s plans for this festive period have been uprooted. Here in the UK, things have gotten even more chaotic in the past week but I hope that everyone can find some joy in these times. Above all, have a safe and peaceful new year! 

Now, let’s get cracking with what goodies have come up this month…

With Adobe discontinuing support for Flash at the end of this year, a generation of Flash games were at risk of disappearing. Thankfully, the Internet Archive is preserving many of these strange but wonderfully fascinating relics, along with Blue Maxima’s Flashpoint Preservation Project and the Flash Game Archive. Video game conservation has been a tricky thing in the past so it’s excellent that folks have stepped up to preserve this piece of early web culture. 

Nintendo is slowly adding further functionality to the Switch. Transferring screenshots to smart devices is now a lot easier with update 11.0.0, so don’t hold back on posting those prime #photomode shots!

What’s this? More otome news?! Oh my. Firstly, let’s start with Aksys Games’ 2021 lineup for the Nintendo Switch: 

Olympia Soirée is set in a world with a strict class-based system that values some hair colours over others. The heroine, Olympia, is one of the last pure white-haired women and has to get married to preserve her lineage… Yep. It will be interesting to see how the game deals with this sensitively (or not). At any rate, the art is just gorgeous. 

Dairoku Ayakashimori (English title pending) has a heroine with decidedly more straight-laced hair. More interestingly, she works for a secret government agency that supervises supernatural yokai. I love fox-eared bishies so count me in. The character and art design was created by Suou, who was the artist for Bad Apple Wars, a game I personally loved and wrote many words about here.  

Last but not least is Variable Barricade. This looks to be a hilarious romp about an ojou-sama avoiding her rich grandfather’s match-making schemes. The otome community has long been calling for more fluffy fare, since Aksys typically sticks with predominantly dramatic (read ‘safe’) stories. Angst can be great but sometimes you want a bit less death in your otome and this looks right up that alley!


Out of nowhere, PQube has announced the localisation of BUSTAFELLOWS [PC/Switch], a noir-styled otome featuring a journalist who goes back in time to prevent the murder of a crooked lawyer. The setting of New Sieg, a glitzy place with a grimy underside, has set off my sirens for a great crime drama. It’s happy days to see another contender for otome localisation so thank you, PQube! BUSTAFELLOWS can be wishlisted on Steam here, so fingers crossed it arrives soon! 

If you need otome goodness right now, Our Life: Beginnings and Always [PC] has released to rave reviews (just look at all the adorable Cove artwork on twitter). Plus, Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore [PC], the fandisk for the stellar fairytale inspired Cinderella Phenomenon [PC], is now available on with a Steam version coming later. 

In fact, there’s been a truckload of unexpected squeal-worthy announcements… 

Persona 5 Strikers [PC/Switch/PS4] swings onto Steam on February 23, 2021. Strikers is a hack-n-slash with a fresh story and the bombastic style you’ve come to expect from the phantom thieves. After the hit Persona 4 Golden release, here’s to Atlus continuing to cater for the PC audience!

All the mainline Yakuza games following Kiryu Kazuma’s story are arriving on Steam and Xbox Game Pass soon according to a tweet by SEGA. Time to dust off the knuckles and head to Kamurocho again? Hell yes. 

Cult classic El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron [PC] was announced for Steam with Japanese and English audio options. Originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3 nearly ten years ago, this third-person action game was an interesting blend of anime visuals and biblical story based on the apocalyptic Book of Enoch. 

Finally – and I never thought I’d be writing this – but TWEWY is returning after thirteen years! The World Ends With You [DS/Switch/mobile] is one of Square Enix’s most inventive experiments in my opinion. Throwing together a twisty narrative set in Shibuya, punk aesthetics, and a boppin hiphop soundtrack, the game was beloved by many niche gamers and recently revived with news of a Switch port and anime for 2021. Then the whammy: a sequel called NEO: World Ends With You [Switch/PS4] is coming Summer 2021! Words can’t express how excited I was when the trailer hit. 

Fall 2020 anime have ended. I think there were a fair number of good ‘uns but Jujutsu Kaisen and Moriarty the Patriot were my picks of the season. Luckily, both are getting extended in 2021 to reach 24 episodes in total.

There you go. A bunch of things that put a smile on my face and hopefully yours too. Let me know about your own Good Goings in the comments and have a great day! 

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