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Good Goings: 🎄Holiday edition🎄

Hey, welcome to Good Goings! A monthly series where I celebrate stuff that has happened or is yet to happen in the otaku sphere. The world can bring us down sometimes so it’s important to kick back, relax and remind ourselves of the things we’re happy about. There’s never been a better time to be a geek so pop on the kettle and let’s get cracking with the month’s goodies…

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a grand time while counting down to the new year! Do you have any plans? I’m probably staying in and playing Yakuza and a new gacha I’m addicted to 😅…

Anyway, onto the GGs! 

We have a release window for Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei, which is coming to the Switch in Summer 2022! I’m not the biggest fan of historical otome but the swordplay does look swoon-worthy here! 

Congratulations to Jellyfish Parade for meeting their Kickstarter goal for Belle Automata! Belle Automata is a short and sweet sci-fi story about a sentient android who ends up in a situation beyond her wildest (electric) dreams. Jellyfish Parade has created several excellent OELVN otome with diverse characters and settings as imaginative as their premises. Send them some love by checking out their other titles!

Monochrome Mobius: Toki no Taika

An announcement I personally jumped up for is Monochrome Mobius: Toki no Taika, a new title set in the Utawarerumono universe to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary. Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception/Truth duology are some of my favourite games ever with richly steeped world-lore, characters that really grow on you and plots that equally lift you up and smite you down. It’s technically a hybrid SRPG but honestly I recommend playing them for the feels… Anyway, I’m super excited that Aquaplus are making a new entry for 2022, which seems to be a prequel about series favourite, Oshtor along with other generals of the Yamato kingdom. No word of a localisation yet but English versions of the three mainline Utawarerumono games and its musou spin-off (Zan) recently made it onto PC and PS4 so I’m optimistic (praying) that we get a localisation 🤞!

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is coming to PC, Switch and PS4 on the 17 March 2022. Unlike mainline Persona games, this spin-off is an all-out bash-fest courtesy of fighting game specialists, Arc System Works. I haven’t actually played this one but if it’s anything like other excellent Persona spin-offs, you can still expect a decent story and style to knock you off your feet. Promisingly, this is the third Persona game to grace Steam so here’s hoping Atlus continues to delve into their beefy backlog for PC gamers! 

The dastards behind Danganronpa are at it again with Enigma Archives: Rain Code. Described as a ‘dark fantasy mystery’, the game sports Tookyo Games’ familiar brand of surreal, psychedelic visuals and a hefty side of death of course. Enigma Archives seems to be spinning a gothic take on the formula as you control a boy (detective?) accompanied by an ever grinning ghost. Whether Caspar stays friendly is another matter but so far this enigmatic tease will have to suffice. 

Nintendo is back again with another presentation to fatten up my backlog, though thankfully many announcements are due a long way off. As usual I found loads of interesting goodies in this Indie World, but here are my highlights:

Sea of Stars from Sabotage Studio, the developers behind the Messenger, has a Holiday 2022 release window. While the Messenger riffed on and subverted classic Metroidvania staples, Sea of Stars navigates the deep depths of golden age 90s JRPGs like Chrono Trigger to create a modernised nostalgia bomb. We’ve heard this spiel before (and have been pretty lucky with the results so far), but Sea of Stars does look pretty special beyond its beautifully pixelated world. I’m especially interested in the combat system, which promises a good dose of strategy and immersion, and their take on an ‘unshackled’ environment to traverse. 

Loco Motive by Robust Games looks to be a comedic detective point n’ clicker where a ‘trusty’ lawyer, dodgy detective, and daring secret agent come together to solve a murder in which they are the suspects. I love concepts where people get murdered on trains and the like and the animated style looks full of character, so I’m looking forward to this one come Summer 2022!

Afterlove EP by Toge Productions (Coffee Talk and What Comes After) is a sentimental narrative adventure mixed with rhythm gameplay about a struggling musician coming to terms with the loss of his girlfriend. Toge Productions is an Indonesian indie studio with a deft hand in poignant stories but this one looks like their most striking yet. Laugh, cry and jam with the band this Summer 2022.

Would you like a side of slime with that? Dungeon Munchies (available now) by maJAJa is an action adventure that lives by: you are what you eat, in that eating monsters enhances your zombie hero with new abilities. Fight, eat, and repeat to escape your hungrily ever after. Dungeon Munchies looks like a potluck of fun ideas and combos to mess around with. 

There you go. A bunch of things that put a smile on my face and hopefully yours too. Let me know about your own Good Goings in the comments and have a great day! 


Published by nonplayergirl

Long-time lurker turned blogging newb. Lover of all things otaku but especially JRPGs, anime and manga. Always adding something to the backlog. Probably descending into K-Pop hell right now.

One thought on “Good Goings: 🎄Holiday edition🎄

  1. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a surprisingly good fighting game. Even coming from someone who largely sucks at fighters. Not especially great as a story, however. Better than the first Persona 4 Arena, whose story it concludes, and it is really cool to see the Persona 3 cast after a bit of time’s passed but still, not quite up to the standards of the original RPGs.


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