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About me

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Who are you? 

Hey, I’m npg (nonplayergirl)! I’ve been deep in otakudom for most of my life but my backlog of games/anime/manga never ceases. I’m open towards most genres but I especially like comedies, mysteries, and even better mysterious comedies. I avoid gore like the plague and tragedies like bad chocolate (I typically end up indulging anyway…) 

This blog is a personal effort to write the sort of content I have wanted to read for a while. What you can expect is a chilled space that tries to balance 90% thought-fluff and 10% research. Anyway, come in and get cosy. I hope my musings about other people’s creative pursuits bring a smile to your face! 

What is this blog about? 

I’d like to think of this blog as presenting a small window into the many things that I enjoy. I’m most looking forward to gushing about games, niche ones in particular – things you would find snuggled away on or the dark corners of Steam. All games are fair game – small, big, risky or risque. My favourite genres are JRPGs, adventure/visual novels and more vaguely any game with an enjoyable narrative, but I will give most things a crack because the backlog must be fed. The only stuff I’ll happily avoid is squishy horror or !!HARDCORE!! difficult games, because I’m old, impatient and my reflexes are getting rusty already. Besides games, you’ll probably find me rambling about anime, perhaps some manga, and many other irrelevant interests. 

Is there a story behind the name?

Kind of. 

I’m not a ‘player’ because many games I play are often considered ‘casual’ or ‘non-game’ games. I think gate-keeping is silly so it’s basically a dig at that. I have always followed the games community as a lurker and finally felt it’s time to contribute my two bits, even if I’m whispering into the void. 

There’s also a promise in the name. I’ll play games but I won’t play you, reader. Thoughts will always be fair and my own. I generally try to find the positive in something and more often than not I enjoy whatever I engage with so no angry spiels here and hopefully that’s your gig!

p.s. I’ve been told my logo looks like a mouse. Sorry, it’s a frog… (drawing skill = -1)

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