What’s on the Wishlist: 21 Games of 2021

So… I probably should have written this post last month back when 2021 was all shiny and new, but better late than never, right? As always, exciting new games are released every year and my backlog can scarcely keep up. In most cases I’m a ‘patient’ gamer by necessity, which means my wishlist usually ends up getting lots of love! I was looking over my wishlist recently and wanted to highlight some upcoming and ogle-worthy games, so here are twenty-one of them for good measure. There’s something for everyone this year, so let’s dig in!

Take an Axe to the Grind: 7 great ways Xenoblade Chronicles streamlines its gameplay

As I’ve grown older and my backlog ever larger, I have started thinking more about games in terms of what they cost in time rather than money. When it’s so easy to pick up and put down the controller, I am far less eager to wade through meaningless fluff enroute to the good stuff. That said, I’m all for getting in deep with a well-designed chonker of a game that makes the hours fly. Xenoblade Chronicles gets this.

3DS Hidden Gems

Over 75 million lifetime sales. 1343 games. 9 years. 4 iterations.

It’s finally happened. The 3DS was discontinued as of September 2020 after a near decade of gaming goodness. This is my ode to the magnificent 3DS. While this console has not quite matched the overwhelming sales records of the DS (and frankly nothing comes close amongst handhelds), there is simply something special about this pocket-sized wonder.

Back to school: 10 games that simulate school life

Where I am in the UK, kids have gone back to school and university for about a month now. As per usual, I’m not on the ball with these things but I got the idea for this list whilst playing Mana Khemia, a unique Atelier game with a school setting as opposed to the usualContinue reading “Back to school: 10 games that simulate school life”

PLAY or NAY: 5 things Nexomon does better than Pokémon and 5 things it doesn’t…

I picked up Nexomon hoping that it would be a light distraction until the next major Pokémon game. Here, you won’t find trainers but tamers; nexotraps rather than pokeballs. Bluntly speaking, this isn’t a game that will win any awards for originality. Nevertheless, I found myself pleasantly surprised at this charming, if derivative, take on such a giant

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