Good Goings: January edition

Hey, welcome to Good Goings! A hopefully regular-ish series where I’ll celebrate some stuff that has happened or is yet to happen in the otaku sphere. The world can bring us down sometimes so it’s important to kick back, relax and remind ourselves of the things we’re happy about. It feels like it’s never been a better time to be a geek nowadays so pop on the kettle and let’s get cracking with what goodies have come up this month…

Back to school: 10 games that simulate school life

Where I am in the UK, kids have gone back to school and university for about a month now. As per usual, I’m not on the ball with these things but I got the idea for this list whilst playing Mana Khemia, a unique Atelier game with a school setting as opposed to the usualContinue reading “Back to school: 10 games that simulate school life”

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